... 'IPIP-NEO Test' and the 'International Personality Item Pool', that has been developped by Lewis R. Goldberg (Ph.D.), a Senior Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute.

The psychometric quality of Trait-Map® (formerly known as FiT In) was certified in 2006 by the Psychometric Committee of the Shanghai Pyschological Association.

Trait-Map®, the professional Personality-Assessment-Tool, has been consecutively improved ever since. The last time reports were extensively audited and checked was in 2015 by Josephine Doyle and Daniel Smith. The questionnaire was essentially reduced, last but not least to an innovative design.

Subsequently, the entire tool was renamed and is since 2016 a registered trade mark: Trait-Map® is today a broadly used tool and, apart from Chinese and English, available in German, Dutch, Hungarian and Malayan. It was added to the 'Paradigm Suite of Assessment Reports' of the 'Business Learning Foundation' (UK).

Already in 2004 the Motivational Questionnaire MQ was conducted and was improved incrementally until 2013 by a team of business psychologists and consultants in Shanghai.
This unique questionnaire is being constantly reviewed and developped. Further, it is the first questionnaire to combine motivational concepts and theories: Maslow, Herzberg, McClelland...

By now, it exists a motivational questionnaire tailored for recruiting.

Following, different feedback tools and a test of abstraction capacity were built. For the products Trait-Map® and MQ different Job-Fit profiles can be created so that applicants can be compared regarding their soft-skills.

The only thing missing was a tool for organisational development. The point was to reciprocal interlock employee development and organisational development to get the maximum out of the value chain.

To develop such a tool companies were examined for more than five years. Case studies were conducted and OD-Map was directly from this experience developed. OD-Map is unique and serves e.g. as the legal basis for the risk assessment of psychological pressure. Change processes are being target-oriented implemented, employees are being involved, commitment is being increased or held on a constant high level.

Since 2008 Petra Zander, executive partner of 'Wachstum für Mensch und Organisation GmbH (WfMO), is strongly involved with OD-Tools. After having worked together with the developper Frieder Demmer over a longer period she started to introduce OD-Tool to the German market. A significant number of companies are already beneficiaries and use OD-Tools permanently. In December 2013 she travalled to Shanghai to immerse into the world of psychometric processes. As a result, her company became the licensor for the German-speaking countries. Prior to that, internal structures were established and products in their entire range strengthened, to optimally assist partners with the highest amount of experience and dedication possible. In 2016 she has been building a network of partners and expanded her activities to Italy. So that by now, WfMO is also licensor in Italy and has already implemented first projects.
To maintain the high quality and to constantly talk about new ideas, Mrs. Zander is in close exchange with Gabor Nagy, head of OD-Tools and CEO of HRObjective International Co., Ltd. WfMO is independently responsible for the German-speaking countries and Italy.

You can find further information on OD-Tools on the homepage of HRObjective International Co., Ltd: www.od-tools.com

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