A unique and convenient EQ instrument.

The EQ-SWOTTM questionnaire is all about perception and guidance of personal emotions and your own personality.

EQ-SWOTTM was developed from 2012-2016 by an international team of psychologists and consultants. Main author is Gabor Nagy.

EQ-SWOT™ follows the definitions, guidelines and methodologies of CREIO (Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations), a scientific institution by Daniel Goleman.

EQ-SWOTTM is capable to give you feedback on your emotional intelligence. Neurosciences show that emotionality is a huge aspect for one self and in social interaction. For managers or the ones who see theirselves becoming one EQ-SWOTTM exhibits a good opportunity to work with the own idiosyncrasies. As consequence, you can see how emotional capabalities impact your own well-being and your career.

Definition of Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to develop a sense for the own and others' feelings. This allows to actively influence your thinking and behaviour to be able to - if desired - work more efficiently and effectively. Under the umbrella of emotional capability we find different capabilities that can be apprehended, indepedent of age or education.
The term Emotional Intelligence we are using within EQ-SWOT™ is based on a bouquet of theories that share certain charactaristics which are being united and further developed at certain points. This approach allows us to apply the concept to different target groups.

EQ-SWOT™ consists of 16 capabilities. The acronym SWOT, can be derived from the fact that these capabilities can not only be shown on a 10 point scale, they also exhibit a Strength-Weakness-Chances-Risks profile of the respective participant.


Additionally, the report gives general suggestions on the further development and enhancement of the three least advanced capabilities.

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