With Job-Fit you can generate individual profiles and match candidates.

This even works for different tools:

MQ - Motivators

Trait-Map® - Personal Characteristics

IM - Interests

AR - Abstraction-Capacity

EQ-SWOT - Emotional Intelligence



  • Users can define the characteristics required to be successful in a job by using Job-Fit Profiles, translating the competency requirements into the “language” of OD-Tools system, marking the relevant scales and required result ranges.
  • Job-Fit profiles can be defined according to the specific requirement of each position, unique to each company.
  • Using the Job-Fit Profile Wizard, you can set up the ideal Job-Fit profile just with a few mouse clicks. You can build a profile from scratch or modify existing profiles from the profile library.
  • Profiles can include scales from a single test or several tools combined, such as MQ, Trait-Map®, and EQ-SWOT™.
  • Job-Fit reports can be generated as soon as candidates complete the assessments. If you have more candidates, the system can rank them based on their Job-Fit Score (how close are their results to the job requirements).


With Trait-Map® additionally, you can download an interview guideline referring to the selected characteristics.