Employees want to develop. Let them cross-check their self perception with an external view! 

  •  90°-360° survey for employees, who want to make career and to thus rely on other people's opinion to better reflect theirselves and to thus advance more effectively on their career path.

  • Feedback-Survey based on constructive critique for individuals and their professional personality development

  • Promote employees, the communicational culture and respectful discussion involving everybody


Different personality traits, relevant in a work environment are being asked, such as:

  1. Approaches others, as soon as plans or projects could affect them.

  2. Accepts challenges and is prone to use possibilities to acquire new knowledge.

  3. Sets himself high goals and is very ambitious.

  4. Delivers high quality work in due time.

  5. ...

The reaction to the questions and the possibility for open answers provide an informative, holistic picture. It only takes 15-20 minutes.

An excerpt from the report:


A report sample can be acquired upon request.