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This page gives you an overview about our 360° products for managers. They all possess surprising, cutting edge caracteristics! Have a first glance or ask us directly how one of the 360° products can support you in achieving your company goals.

The OD-Tool founders all have several years of experience in organisational and leadership development. This knowledge has been accumulated and combined in the 360° products to develop an employee friendly, efficient, but simple tool for employee surveys.

From 100% customized questionnaires to standardized surveys for the evaluation of management core competencies; it is up to you, the 360° products can meet your preferences!

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The LCC (Leadership Core Competencies) contains a 360° standardized questionnaire.

This approach covers the main and universal leadership areas while being short at the same time since it only contains 28 questions: quick and convincing informative - it does not suck up the valuable time of your employees but still, it provides you with an holistic picture of your leadership qualities.






OD-Tools is also the home of the 'target-orientated 360° feedback system: the LCSF (Leadership Core Solution Focused). This is a tool specifically developed to detect core competencies and amelioration potentials. It is carried out by collecting feedback on the manager.

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You are looking for the simplest, most efficient and most economic way to evaluate behavior and competencies? Then the Behavioroscope™ is the perfect tool for you! Based on the 360° products the behavioroscope only uses the key elements to to make it as economically and simply as possible. It is an absolutely adaptable Do-IT-Yourself solution and you can define all questions into multiple languages.

The participants of your assessment should be valued? "Before" and "after" the assessment to see the development? Now it is practicable.


The 360° Vario was built in close cooperation of Consultants, Coaches, Trainers and HR-Experts to carry out 360° valuations individually.
The system allows you to adapt your survey to any customer and/or competency. By doing so, you will obtain tailored 360° Management assessments that reflect company idiosyncrasies.


Advantages of the 'Solution Focued 360° Feedback' for management and leaders

  • The questionnaires will be shorter because selections are more efficient than with the Likert-method.
  • Reports are unique because they are focused on solutions, intuitive and easy to understand.
  • It is easily applicable for company and candidate specific compentencies models.
  • The administrator interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

The 360° Vario contains the target-oriented technology. At the same time, you are free to use 360° Vario SF. Respectively, the feedback report is apt and results easy to implement.

Excerpt from a LCSF report u'll find here...

You have questions about which feedback tool to use? We are happy to consult you personally.