EQ-Training & EQ-Development

, the No.1. Board Game for Emotional Intelligence Training!

This game is developed for Facilitators, Trainers, Learning & Development Managers, considering the learning needs of adult trainees in corporate learning context.


EQ-Workout™ is a fast moving, engaging game that improves the ability to understand emotions, the ability to listen to others and empathize with them, and the ability to express emotions productively.


EQ-Workout directly and effectively develops the fundamental building blocks of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness and Social Awareness by enhancing Emotional Literacy, which includes higher awareness and enhanced sensitivity to distinguish between various states, and a rich emotional vocabulary to accurately label emotions. It helps in enhancing participants influencing skills, and improving the quality of their relationships and co-operation with others. About the game:

  • 3-6 people can play with one set;
  • One facilitator can manage multiple playing groups in the same time;
  • Playing time is flexible, typically 40-60 minutes, and allocate about an extra 15 minutes for debriefing;
  • Game sessions can be repeated without getting bored;
  • A Facilitator Guide helps you in facilitating the game smoothly and delivering valuable learning experience.

This is our questionnaire for emotionale Intelligence