OD-Map® aims to design the organisational development as targeted and efficient as possible.

Enhance your company and leadership with OD-Map®:

  • Motivate and stimulate talent
  • Increase in organisational performance of your company through employee development
  • Enhance overall entrepreneurial performance
  • Obtaine an overview of improvement potential to constantly ameliorate your company
  • Adjust data to each desired dimension
  • Comparative Analysis (Benchmarks) for previous years, different production sites, etc.
  • Questions about employee satisfaction, general and concrete leadership, employee development, teamspirit and processes

OD-Map® indicates which screws to turn to take your company and work to the next level. At the same time it keeps track of the organisational development.

OD-Map® gives a clear overview about current development and behavior of Employees and the respective motivational factors.

OD-Map® provides you with:

  • Important information for decision proposals regarding leadership- & management quality, talent promotion and motivation
  • Progress reports over time regarding the effort made, the changes in organisational culture and the effectivity of performance indicators

OD-Map® is suitable for:

  • The realisation of an efficient company health promotion and management
  • The legally obligatory risk assessment of psychological burdens
  • Companies that want to maintain constant growth and amelioration
  • Companies that want to optimally and actively make use of the potential of their experts to strengthen ties with their highly valued experts
  • Companies that live the principle of the 'learning organisation'
  • Change processes, restructuring as well as compay succession

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