You are or have been working as Coach, Trainer or Constultant for a long period and are now ready to take your work to the next step? We would be happy to grant you access to our valuable tool.

OD-Tools are useful, adding value and applicable in different processes:

  • They support you in your training, coaching, recruting or consulting
  • With the results being of quantitative nature, they are a very concrete for the beneficiary
  • As the latest capture of your state they provide clear hints on where to work on

Comments on our online system:

Every partner in charge of OD-Tools products is provided with an designed section in our OD-Tools system, including his/her logo. All OD-Tools reports and results will carry the customer's logo.

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Each authorised user is granted personal credentials, restrained to his/her respective organisation, so that he/she can work autonmous in the system.


  • There is a price for the system workshop but no running costs for licencing.
  • Costs are only charged if reports and results are being generated in the system. It is self-evident to us that all costs that occur are being communicated on time and in the most transparent way possible.

We are at your disposal for any further information.